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Renewable Fuel Products

Our proprietary system allows us to develop a consistent finished product based on customer's needs and specifications. Using our non-thermal technology, we dry and pulverize all of the post-consumer waste that we receive. At this stage we have produce our first product, resembling blown-in insulation, called "fluff". Fluff can be packaged into bales or pelletized for customer delivery.

For other customers the fluff can be pyrolyzed to produce biocoal, having characteristics similar to Powder River Basin coal or the gases can be captured and scrubbed to produce Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). Both products can be used as alternative fuel replacements to fossil fuels to generate dispatchable baseload energy.

From Waste to Renewable Fuel Products

Our renewable fuel products can be used as feedstock to generate power by themselves or co-fired with fossil fuels. Having similar characteristics to fossil fuels, our products require no special handling or storage equipment. A renewable fuel is now available with prices comparable to Natural Gas. 

Dispatchable Baseload Power

Biocoal or SNG for RPS credits. A renewable for less than $4/MMbtu.

Cement Manufacturing

Fluff or pellets make good fuel and customized with some metals to form clinkers.

Renewable Fuel Refinery

High carbon feedstock with sub 15% moisture and uniform size.