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Equipment & Systems

EKAMOR™ offers individual equipment up to full scale operational systems that can be turnkey operated by EKAMOR™, customer's staff or their designee.

With the exception of a couple key components, most of the equipment that we use in our system has been time-tested by the waste industry for decades. Availability, reliablilty, operational and maintenance expenses have all gone into our equipment selection process. We can integrate our proprietary equipment and components into existing systems for customer specific needs.

We offer modular systems from single line operations processing 250 tons per day (TPD) up to multi-line systems capable of processing over 6,000 TPD. What seperates us from others is that we use a non-thermal process that removes the moisture and pulverizes the fraction.

Our Engineering Team can design a system to meet your requirements and specifications. Our installation crews qill meet your schedule and our commissioning team will ensure that the system will be working at its maximum efficiency.