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EKAMOR™ develops and sells zero landfill economy solutions that provide the foundation for state-of-the-art integrated waste-to-product facilities. We are deeply committed to developing sustainable, economic biomass alternatives to fossil fuel power generation and products. We actively collaborate with associations, academia, government agencies and our own enterprise partners in R&D to develop innovative, reliable diversion solutions.

EKAMOR's management leaders and directors are committed to running a profitable enterprise that designs, manufactures and sells reliable landfill diversion systems that are the foundation of the zero-waste economy.

We custom design zero landfill solutions that are built cost efficiently and operate highly efficient. We are dedicated to providing complete range of technology solutions that enable customers to profitably:

• Reduce their dependence on fossil fuels,
• Convert a wide range of biomass to renewable fuel and soil
   amendment products,
• Qualify for the most demanding sustainability standards in
   any jurisdiction,
• Operate an environmentally superior operating facility.

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